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For the past 20 years, Karl has been giving brands chiropractic adjustments while client-side at Microsoft, Adobe, Ebay, and Apple and agency-side at Razorfish and Landor. 


In 2019 he founded Hi It’s Us global brand studio to help some of the world's best known brands change to better reflect culture, embrace digital, and unite through a common vision on a global scale. Karl has worked extensively with and in the world’s leading advertising, brand, and design agencies and has built in-house agency teams. As a leading brand spokesperson, he has presented at SXSW (2x), DMEXCO, AIGA National Conference, Digiday, Adobe MAX (2x), and Interbrand events and has been interviewed and published in Wall Street Journal, AdWeek, AdAge, Inc., Forrester, and beyond.


Karl holds an MBA from Duke University with a focus on Marketing and Technology, Master of Architecture from UCLA with focus on Design, 

and a BA from Hampshire College.

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