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Nathan discovered his natural affinity for filmmaking, at the young age of 15, when he began creating videos for Santa Cruz Skateboards. These and other early projects demonstrated powerful relevance to the coveted MTV-generation audience. By 18, Nate garnered an Emmy nomination and multiple awards for a documentary collaboration with the Beastie Boys, “The World Isn’t Listening.” The film garnered worldwide film festival exposure and drew international attention to the Free Tibet movement.

At the age of 18, as his career continued to progress, Nate co-founded Ntropic. In 2001 he broadened the studios capabilities through a combination of talent and technology and turned it into one of San Francisco’s premier VFX houses. Nate expanded and opened a Los Angeles branch in 2004 and opened a New York branch in 2011. As Executive Creative Director, owner, technical expert and VFX artist, he wears multiple hats but never loses sight of delivering the finest work. Through it all he has maintained his standards and continuously delivers only the highest caliber of work. With a collaborative and integrated approach to commercials, feature films, music videos, experiential and interactive content, his enthusiasm and drive is stronger than ever.

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